Advanced Guide of Regional

Not long ago, an acquaintance had asked me to discuss how one might go about setting up a regional development plan for a hypothetical franchise company. And really there are a number of ways that franchisors can approach this. First, the franchisor can do it all in-house and sell each territory individually, or hire a team to do the sales based on their plan. Second they might set up an area developer. Third, they may sell the entire region, state, island, or small country to a master franchise, and allow them the rights to develop the area through a special agreement.

Now then, let’s say you are a regional “area developer” well in that case chances are you’ve already got a big map of the area, and you’ve designated the territories, providing it is a brick-and-mortar type business, or mobile service type franchise. You know the boundaries and you know you need someone from within the center mass of that territory. You also know about how much wealth they will need to purchase the franchise or qualify.

You can also tell by using Google Earth (what an awesome tool) the economic realities of those who live there. You know that your franchisee will be more successful if they are from the community, are involved in the community and have some longevity there or have anchors, roots, own property, and have a vested interest and stake in the area. From a war theory stand point, we know that they are fighting for their territory, it’s personal and therefore they have a stronger will to succeed, even if they happened across money from inheritance or a windfall lucky break.

You know about where the location will be for the franchisee based on the territory dimensions, shape, 5-10 mile demographic zone. So, now you have what you need to zero in on the target buyer, using ArcView data ERSI. You can then send out mailers about the franchise offering, this doesn’t cost much. You can also talk to chambers, economic development centers, and corporate Human Resource people who’ve recently laid off employees, give them information, ask for referrals, also consider Military and Government downsizing. Now it’s time to consider all this and work on a tactical plan to really hone in on this type of strategy? You can do this, I know, because I did, and after 23-states, and franchisees serving some 450 cities, let me tell you, once you get the hang of it, not only does it work well, but it is fun as hell to conquer new territories and gain market share. Please consider all this and think on it.